Trying to make Smoothies


Pomegranate+Strawberry+Nut milk (almond & cashew) 👍👍👍 10/10

Pears 🍐

Pears+Banana+Nut milk (almond &cashew)+honey 👎 4.5/10

Pears+Banana+Strawberry+Nut milk 👎 5/10

Pears+Lemonade+Nut milk (almond &cashew)+ almond butter 👎 6.5/10

Pears+Lemonade+Greek yogurt 👍 7/10

Pears+Lemonade+Greek yogurt+ almond butter 👍 7.5/10

Pear+Lemonade+Greek yogurt+Banana 👍👍👍 9/10

Pear+Lemonade+Greek yogurt+Banana 👍👍👍9.2/10

Conclusion: I don’t think pears 🍐 goes with nut milk.


Tastea – Bootea Shaker

Shop: Tastea
Location: Garden Grove
Drink: Bootea Shaker (Black tea)
Description: Mango, peach & pineapple tea with black jelly
Extra: Half sweet, No Ice. (Forgot to ask for Green Tea)

Comments: So two things. Forgot to ask for Green tea 🤦. I’m pretty sure I’ve ordered this one before and it wasn’t this dark 😅. Two, I scanned the menu too quickly and thought it had Mango bits. Poo. (I was looking forward to mango fruit bits). Both were my mistake not the workers. Cause, tiredness.

Taste review

It was fine. I guess a little “darker” than I’m used to, because I usually get green tea instead of black. The jelly was fun to have. I must say I feel like I don’t taste much of the fruit flavor. Seems like there’s a hint of it. I wonder it those flavors would “shine through” better with green tea? I’m suspecting the black tea flavor is a bit strong and masking the fruit flavors.

In short, it was fine. Next time I need to remember to order green tea. 😅


I love it ★★★
I like it ★★☆
I don’t like it ★☆☆
I hate it ☆☆☆

DingTea Plum Green Tea

(So it’s been a while blah blah. I want to record this for myself)

Store: DingTea
Location: Garden Grove
Order: Plum Green Tea
Extras: No sugar, No ice.


So it was like green tea with just xí muội (dried picked? plum) in it. I’m talking whole dried xí muội. And I love xí muội and all… But I was expecting more plum flavored tea. Not Green tea with whole dried plum in it. It could’ve at least been the more liquidy pickled plum (as opposed to the dried plum). Also, if I get this again, definitely needed some sugar.

I know I went no sugar on this one, because I think last time from DingTea I got Mango Green Tea Half sugar, no ice with lychee jelly? And it was SUPER sweet. Though I think the extra sweetness was due to the preservatives the jelly was in. But this time it was definitely too lạc (lacking flavor). Just fyi for myself. (After drinking all the tea, I did enjoy breaking the plastic seal and eating the xí muội. Lol.)

I didn’t record it, but I believe in the past I have ordered and enjoyed Mango and Peach flavored tea from DingTea.



I love it ★★★
I like it ★★☆
I don’t like it ★☆☆
I hate it ☆☆☆

STASH Herbal Tea Sampler

So this lovely box was the final kick for me to start this blog. I’ve thought about making this blog on and off for a while (like years). I like tea. But I don’t know much about teas. ^^; So this blog will be me, exploring my tastes in tea. (^-^ )


Earlier I was in the tea aisle debating if I should by something or not. It was a bit chilly (for SoCal standards) because of the rain, and hot tea sounded nice. Scanning, I saw a few herbal flavors that sounded quite yummy, but I get bored easily so I didn’t want to buy a whole box with only one flavor. Glancing around, I spotted a few ‘variety’ boxes, but then this box really caught my eye. The colors are so pretty! I really like the gradient colors in the blue/purple/pink hues. It’s simple, but elegant.

Caffeine free, decent price, nice selection of flavors, pretty box. I was sold. Or more of it was sold… to me. ^^;

This is what the individual packages look like. The left is the order of the packets in the box, probably matching the order on the outside label. But, me who cares about color and what not of course went and ordered it in a rainbow-esque way. Hehe.

Mango Passionfruit

Of the nine flavors! I decided to try this one first. I really like the sound of mango.

Right out of the package, it smells wonderful. There is a strong citrus sent. Smelling it more carefully, I think there is a hint of mango, but mostly it’s citrus — which I quite liked actually. (I accidentally pulled off the string when trying to take out the tea bag.) I plopped it into a cup of hot water, and a beautiful orange-red color started swirling out of the tea bag.


This is how it looked in the end. A lovely, what I would describe as pomegranate-red (granted my cup is pink on the inside, but still it was still quite red.)

Taste – Flavor

The taste, was more berry-like than I was expecting. I would describe it as berry and citrus in flavor. I can also taste the hibiscus. But I didn’t notice much mango flavor… One thing I must admit, I’m not 100% sure what passionfruit tastes like. Though I’ve had it before it’s usually with something else, in a tea or a slushie, so I don’t have a clear defined taste of it in my mind. Maybe it’s more passionfruit than mango?

I do like this flavor, and wouldn’t mind having it again… but… I’m not sure I would call it “mango passionfruit”. ^^; Maybe citrus or hibiscus and passionfruit?


I love it
I like it ★★☆
I don’t like it
I hate it

(most things will probably rated at “I like it” ^^; )